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Roturner makes transfers safe & easy

Established in 2018 Jaide Products Inc. was created to bring a much needed client transfer aid to the North American Market. The Roturner is manufactured in St. Catharines, Ontario by Niagara Precision Limited.

Jane Buunk is the proud owner of both Jaide Products Inc. and Niagara Precision Limited. While Jaide Products Inc. is a newer company, Niagara Precision Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 registered machine shop in business since 1975. Together, building and distributing the Roturner for the health care industry, we are committed to providing the most practical way to transfer a patient safely.

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Meet Our Team

Get to know the team behind the Roturner.

Jane Buunk

Founder of Jaide Products Inc. Jane saw the need for a comfortable, dignified sit to stand transfer aid in the Canadian market. With her passion for helping people and changing lives, she decided to bring the Roturner to Canada to manufacture and sell.

Jane Buunk


Anna Buunk

Anna has seen the company grow from inception to the present day. She started working at Jaide Products Inc. in 2020 while finishing her Bachelor of Arts degree. She has dedication and passion for making peoples lives better.

Anna Buunk

V.P. Sales & Marketing

Suzie Villeseche

Suzie started with Jaide Products Inc. in 2020. With much experience in business operations Suzie handles all our office needs. Her care and compassion for others shows when speaking with customers.

Suzie Villeseche

V.P. Sales & Operations

Take It Anywhere

Take the Roturner wherever you go. As a medical device it can be checked at the gate for free when flying. Travel with ease by taking your Roturner.


What Our Clients Say

The Roturner has been a “life changing” transfer device for many clients.

“This wonderful piece of engineering has changed our lives in so many ways in such a short amount of time.  Since we unwrapped the Roturner, Ken has not had to physically transfer me, not even once! My physio liked the Roturner because I still need to stand, which means I need to weight bear, which is important for my bones.  Every time I use it, I feel like I’m getting stronger and stronger. When I look at the Roturner, I see hope and a future.”
Allison Edwards
“We are purchasing our second unit. My residents love the Roturner! Some are even improving their strength by participating in the transfer. The Roturner makes transfers much easier and safer for the team and the residents.”
Pam Forsyth
Assisted Living Coordinator, Amica Unionville
“We have been using the Roturner for over a year! It has been such a great piece of equipment to ensure the safety of residents during transfers and to minimize any employee injuries during transfers. We have replaced 4 hoyer lifts with 4 Roturners instead. The Roturner promotes resident independence, maintains their dignity, and allows them to feel respected and valued. In retirement, we work with different staffing requirements, so the Roturner turns a two person transfer into a one person transfer which is great for our retirement home staff setting. Every time we trial the Roturner with a new resident who has arrived, you can see the joy in their facial expression when they realize how safe and easy the Roturner makes their transfers. The residents are so happy that they can stand up and stretch their back and legs from being in a sitting or lying position during the transfer.”
Odie Oliveira
Assisted Living Manager, Chartwell Westmount

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